Excerpts from reviews

"Klassik Heute" (Classic Today):

Excerpt from a review on "A Woman’s Love and Life" (Frauen Liebe und Leben) by R. Schumann

"Not only was every word of this young artist’s rendition clearly understandable (a rarity among today’s sopranos), she also conveyed the genuine meaning of the text throughout the performance. Maria-Isabella Jung gives herself over to the music; she fully immerses herself in the emotional nuances of the songs and identifies completely with the role in question".

"The soprano Maria-Isabella Jung, who began her study of singing only four years ago, amazed the audience with her vocal versatility and mastery of contrasting styles of singing. A fearless and perfectly executed rendition of the mad scene from Lucia die Lammermoor (complete version) was followed by Zerlina’s coquettish duet with Don Giovanni, while Adele’s Laughing Aria ("Mein Herr Marquis") stood in sharp contrast to the seductive Guiditta-Song "Meine Lippen sie küssen so heiß".

The extreme top range of Ms Jung’s lyric coloratura soprano is built upon a solid mezzo foundation.

This singer’s ability to embody, both musically and psychologically, such divergent female characters is a sign of true artistic intelligence".